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"The Dealer That Knows Isuzu Best" is no rookie in the business but was a vital partner of Isuzu Motors of Japan as it strove to establish itself in the Philippines.

Industrial & Transport Equipment, Inc (INTECO) first brought in the now popular automotive brand in the early '60s, going against the tide at a time when consumers favored western vehicles. But within a few years, Isuzu rose to prominence when the sugar barons of Negros Occidental and logging magnates of Mindanao purchased trucks from INTECO and experienced their reliability first hand. It did not take much longer for INTECO to firmly establish Isuzu as a name to reckon with.

In 1996, Isuzu Motors Japan saw the potential for surging market demands for its vehicles and established Isuzu Philippines Corporation (IPC). The move paid off. IPC is now one of the busiest assemblers of trucks and SUVs in the Philippines. And INTECO, the company that first introduced Isuzu vehicles to these shores, continues to bring Isuzu's best to the consumers through its four mega dealerships: INTECO EDSA, INTECO QUEZON AVENUE, INTECO PANGASINAN, and INTECO PAMPANGA.

Today, INTECO is not only the strongest and largest dealer of IPC but also its acknowledged leader in expertise and experience. INTECO is indeed "the Dealer that knows Isuzu best."


Originally known as Far East Motor Corporation in 1960 until its Articles was amended to Industrial & Transport Equipment, Inc., INTECO pioneered the assembly and distribution of Isuzu vehicles in the Philippines. From its former assembly plant along EDSA Balintawak (the current site of one of its mega dealerships), INTECO rolled out the first Isuzu bus that caught the eyes of the big transportation companies in 1963. INTECO was the local assembler and distributor of the very first Isuzu vehicles under a tripartite agreement with Isuzu Motors of Japan, as the manufacturer, C. Itoh Co. Ltd., as the exporter.

INTECO struggled and competed with the best and popular brands of US and European vehicles at that time. Undaunted by the discrimination and indifference of the Filipino buyers for Japanese products, INTECO never gave up but pushed vigorously the promotion and marketing of Isuzu vehicles in the Philippines.

Isuzu's name rose to prominence when the sugar barons of Bacolod, Negros Occidental and logging magnates of Mindanao experienced and proved the reliability of Isuzu TD50's (dump trucks) and TD70's (cargo trucks) bought from INTECO in 1965.

As Isuzu popularity continued to rise, it was exactly the opposite with its competitors. Consequently, the biggest automotive company in the world, General Motors Corp. utilized its strong resources in forging a joint venture with Isuzu Motors of Japan. This development abruptly ended the agreement among Isuzu Motors of Japan, C. Itoh Co. Ltd. and INTECO; thereafter General Motors Pilipinas was established and it took over the assembling and marketing of Isuzu vehicles in the Philippines. As a compromise, General Motors Pilipinas, appointed INTECO as one of its dealers in 1975. Due to its gained expertise, INTECO became the leader on Isuzu trucks and buses. In 1978, INTECO sold 170 trucks. This increased to 235 in 1979. By October 1980, sales were at 250 levels. In 1983, 874 units were sold, 569 of which were trucks and the rest were passenger car models. INTECO was the country's leader in Isuzu expertise and experience, earning for it the accolade as the "Dealer That Knows Isuzu Best".

The uncertainty and the difficulty that hit the auto industry in the mid '80s compelled General Motors Pilipinas to terminate its operation in the Philippines, leaving Isuzu Motors and INTECO only representation in overseeing the continued existence of Isuzu in the Philippine market. Despite the tough economic situation, Isuzu and INTECO cooperated and worked hard for Isuzu's survival until better times came again in 1989 when market situation improved and the new batch of Isuzu vehicles (TFR54-pick ups) begun to flood the market again.

Seeing the potential of surging market demands for Isuzu vehicles, Isuzu Motors Japan established Isuzu Philippines Corporation (IPC) in 1996. But this time, it was with the different Japanese and local partners. Today, IPC is bustling with activity with its Hilander Crosswind, DMAX, Fuego, Trooper, N series, F series, C series commercial vehicle models. And, among its strong dealership networks are the four mega dealerships of INTECO: ISUZU EDSA, ISUZU QUEZON AVENUE, ISUZU PANGASINAN, and ISUZU PAMPANGA.

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