Isuzu PowerTrain Engines:

Marine Engines
Wide range. World-wide power. A wide range of diesel engines, from the world's largest maker of diesel engines. Isuzu marine engines have proven reliability in the commercial boat industry. Running cost advantages and clean emissions are possible thanks to Isuzu's diesel technologies derived from automotive engines.
Standard features on each of Isuzu's Marine powertrain are the following:

  1. Highly reliable heat-exchanger of multi-tube type.
  2. Fresh water cooled exhaust manifold.
  3. Highly reliable sea water cooled intercooler (for models with intercooler).
  4. Fresh water cooled lubrication oil cooler.
  5. Anti-corrosive system by zinc bar.
  6. Water sedimentor for fuel.
  7. Crank pulley for front power take off.
  8. Large capacity oil sump.
  9. Durable sea water pump by gear drive.
  10. Marine gear of high reliability and durability.
M1 Rating 505 HP @ 1800 RPM
345 HP @ 2800 RPM
375 HP @ 2300 RPM
M3 Rating 620 HP @ 2100 RPM

Automotive Engines
The world revolves around Isuzu Diesel. Being one of the world's leading manufacturing of diesel-powered commercial vehicles, there's little doubt that the core of Isuzu is its automotive powertrain. Passing Euro 1 Emissions standard, all Isuzu automotive powertrains are not only environmental friendly, but durable and powerful as well.

Industrial Engines
Reliability and durability in one compact package. The Isuzu 4L-Series is an incredibly durable diesel engine and employs many of the advantages of larger engines. Features include a closed crankcase vent system, gear-driven timing train, uniting pumps and direct injection all in all keeping this model clean, quiet and efficient.

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